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Lyoness - In Brief

Lyoness! A fantastic new Cash Back Loyalty awards program which give you cash back on every purchase when you buy from a Lyoness store PLUS reward points which never expire. Come into Lady Bird to get your FREE Lyoness card...... No catch, just customer reward bonuses & money refunded to your Lyoness account, just for shopping with us.


Lyoness - the Company

Founded in 2003 by Hubert Freidl. Lyoness offers its members money back with every purchase. What started out in four countries has since evolved into an international company which creates a unique Win-Win situation for everyone involved. Lyoness has created a global network from which Members and Loyalty Merchants can benefit: Members receive money back, while Loyalty Merchants gain loyal customers and provide them with special benefits.

Lyoness is currently active in 33 European countries as well as in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa and in the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Philippines, Thailand and most recently, New Zealand) with more than 3 million members worldwide.


What's in it for you?

Cash back with every purchase

With every purchase the member will receive credit up to 2% of the purchase value on his/her personal Cash Account, thus saving a continually increasing amount in his personal Cash Account. Once this amount has reached $15.00 or more, it will be paid into the nominated bank account of the member, without any further deductions. You may prefer to transfer this cash into your Loyalty account, which will give you even bigger benefits in the long term. The choice is entirely yours.

Friendship bonus

Recommend Lyoness to others! As a Recommender, you will receive a 0.5% of purchase revenue generated by the newly recommended Member (the so-called direct friendship bonus). If this member also recommends Lyoness to a new Member, you will receive a further 0.5% of purchase revenue generated by this new Member (the so-called indirect friendship bonus)

Already a Member?

Fantastic! Simply log in to Lyoness :-

Then  follow this link from Lyoness to our online store :- Lady Bird Lingerie

Before making your purchase, please ensure that your browser has the correct cookie settings and take particular note of the Loyalty Merchant special instructions . You can find all the important information regarding Online Shopping in the FAQs .

Would you like to become a Lyoness member?

Contact us  and mention that you would like to become a member. We will contact you within 24 hours for further details.

Or just fill in the below form and we will sign you up!

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