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Amoena Balance Comfort+ 282A (Thin)

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    Amoena Balance Comfort+ 282A (Thin)
    Amoena Balance Comfort+ 282A (Thin)
    $145.00 $145.00

    Amoena Balance Comfort+ 282A (Thin)


    New product to replace 271, 
    Balance Comfort+ 282A is for a woman following breast saving surgery, radiotherapy, reconstruction or naturally uneven breasts. 
    Created from 2 layers: 
    Very soft  cup silicone layer in regular weighted silicone 
    Comfort+ layer including a lightweight silicone on the under side, 
    Then super-soft film on the cup side with finely tapered edges. 
    The Balance Comfort+ 282A is a thinner version of the Balance Comfort+ 282B.

    Colour: Skin Tone

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