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Where is Loveable's Baroque Bra?


We love our Baroque bra!




Remember this fantastic bra? 

Loveable's brilliant Baroque bra known under the style number L581 was discontinued a few years back and left many of just about in tears!

This bra was both a fitters and a customers answer to that dream fit!

With is soft no itch but long lasting lace and the perfect stretch cup fit it became a wardrobe 'must have'  for many women. This bra was perfect for those ladies with uneven breast sizes or for those of us who seem to grow a cup size at those certain times of the month! it would never cut in or leave a line, but sit soft along the top of your bust.?

A little while back Loveable sold out? or merged with the company Bendon. Well whatever or however it happened it now means when we need to order a loveable bra we no go to Bendon.

But unfortunately when this happened our beloved "Baroque bra' became discontinued! You could and can still find many of the other old Loveable styles like 'Nikki' etc still with a Loveable label ( just now made in the Bendon factory) on them but poor old Baroque just seemed to slip through the cracks.....

Well the GREAT NEWS is Baroque is back!!

You wont find it with a Loveable tag on it but it is still your old faithful! Baroque ( Same fit, same lace etc)

Bendon have actually picked this style up and added it to its own range :-) YEAH!

You will now find Baroque with a Bondon label and a new Style number- 20-7234

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