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List - Bras & Briefs that have been discontinued and their replacements.

Anne Fisher - Thursday, March 26, 2015

List of Discontinued bras & briefs and their replacements


Below is a growing list of bras & briefs that have been discontinued and their replacements (if there is one!)

Some of these bras and briefs were discontinued due to companies no longer being able to source the fabric, lace etc or the brand was sold to another company and now that favorite bra or brief is now being made under another brand name. 

We have also listed a few bras or briefs that we no longer stock due to finding quality and fit better in a another brand, these will be marked with a #.


1.Triumph Faith (10000083) - Was REPLACED BY- Symphony (10075626)

Currently REPLACED BY- Pure Luxury Support (10103331)


2. Triumph Lacy Minimizer (10106387)

Currently REPLACED BY - Triumph Lacy Minimizer (10154651)

Comments - This is the exact same bra it has just been given a new style number within Australia. This bra has been discontinued outside of Australia


 1. Maggie T (Y5568) (Made under Maggi T Label By Berlei)

Currently REPLACED BY - Berlei Classic Lace (Y5568b)

2. Maggie T (Y509N) (Made under Maggi T Label By Berlei)

Currently REPLACED BY - Berlei Classic Embroidery (Y509NB)


Comments - A sadly missed and well fitting bra, closest replacement for this bra will be the 'sister' bra  "Classic Lace" by Berlei Y5568B . Very similar cut and fit but does not fit EXACTLY the same.

3. Playtex 18 Hour Lace (Y14125) (made under Playtex label by Berlei)

Currently REPLACED BY - Berlei All Day Comfort (YZKB)


4. Berlei Classic Lace Wirefree (YZRC) 


Still available by Playtex as Cross Your Heart Wirefree (P10152)


5. Berlei Barely There T-Shirt (YZP9) 

Comments - Formally Y250N in size 18 C, D, DD, E ,was discontinued and replaced with YZP9 in Sizes 18-24 C, D, DD, E, F and G. This bra had a similar look but not the exact same fit, it was 3 clips wide on the back and fuller cups with a higher center front.


Comments - Now sizes 18 C, D, DD and E have been re-released under Y250N with the old fit again (2 clips etc) no other sizes above 18 have been released. Closest replacement we can recommend by Berlei is the Lift and Shape T-Shirt Y584UB - available to a 24 in an E cup or F and G but only to the size 18.


6. Berlei Classic Comfort (YZRB)


Still available by Playtex as Fits Beautifully (P10883ANZ)


7. Berlei Barely There Lace (Y238S)


Currently REPLACED BY - Barely There Lace (YYTP)

Comments - All new lace used, we are yet to see if this effects the fit in any way

8. Berlei Barely There Lux (Y296T)




1.Bonds Hi-Cut Shaper (WOM75Y)



1. Lovable Baroque (L581)

Currently REPLACED BY - Bendon Baroque (20-7234)

Comments - It is the same bra but now made under the Bendon branding, same lace, fit etc

*Planned deletion by Bendon by the end of 2016 (rough time frame, comes down to when stock sells out)


2. Lovable Suddenly Shapely Strapless (L251)


3. Lovable Suddenly Shapely Maternity (LLSS154NB) 



1. Playtex 18 Hour Wirefree Bra (Y193K) (made under Playtex label by Berlei)

# Currently REPLACED BY - Playtex 18 Hour Wirefree Bra (P4693)

Comments - We are not happy with fit or fabric choice.

Also Currently REPLACED BY- Berlei All Day Comfort Jacquard (Y193KB)

Comments - Fabric and fit is just like the original

2. Playtex Cross Your Heart Cotton (75422)



1. Amoena Frances Lace (2123)

DISCONTINUED  but still available in Cotton - Amoena Frances Front Closure, Leisure Soft Cup (2128)

2.Amoena Spirit Soft Cup Sports Bra (703?)


#Geni Bra

Currently REPLACED BY - Playtex Play Comfort Revolution Smart Bra (P3488)

Comments - It is much easier to put on and take off! (we are not all built like sports models... some of us have curves) but same soft comfortable fit.


1. Pure Comfort Jacquard Hi-cut & Full briefs (W8651M & W8650M)

 DISCONTINUED Limited stock left available



DISCONTINUED Limited stock left available
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