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Discontinued bras, Why they do it

Anne Fisher - Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why bra Styles are discontinued....

We will all experience at some point in our life the shock and disappointment and for some even anger at our 'Favourite' bra being discontinued.

Working in the lingerie industry we will often hear the cry....

"It’s the best bra style I ever wore!"

"It’s the only bra that fits me!"

"I have worn this for the last 'X' amount of years!" (some for over 20yrs)

I have even had customers refuse to buy a new 'replacement' bra for over 2 yrs out of disgust, and hope that they will just bring back their 'old faithful'...... Sadly your old 'favourite' bra will not last forever.

The most common question is WHY? did they discontinue something somebody obviously loved!

We have all heard it before, but everything has a ‘life-expectancy’ in the market...Sad but true.

There are a few reasons why your 'favourite' bra gets ‘the chop’...

A drop in sales or popularity:

This would have to be the main one. They make for the masses – it’s as simple as that! If they don’t sell enough in a particular style, it gets the chop. The Supplier ( Triumph, Berlei, etc)  is required to order thousands per size / per style from the manufacturer (factory), so if the sales are not there, they drop it.

A major department store no longer wants to stock it :

This is the next biggest. We are driven by the major retail stores. They dictate to us what is going to be sold. If they decide to not stock a particular style, the major suppliers, ‘can it’. I have found that the smaller suppliers don’t follow this rule as much as the major ones do, so it is often more advantageous to source stock from them, as they also in return rely on us to do business with.

Discontinued Fabrics:

Like all businesses, suppliers of fabric & laces also have their issues & sometimes the bra manufacturers can’t get any more of the lace or material which is required. Rather than substitute with a different lace, which can change the entire look or fit of a bra, they will discontinue this style & start over. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have them remake in a similar style, but this is not always satisfactory to the customer who has just lost their ‘favourite bra’.

Faulty stock:

Sometimes a style does not come up to expectation & this is discontinued. Customers may return it for a few reasons – maybe wires coming out, but these generally don’t get on the ‘favourites’ listing anyway, so there is little loss.

So where to now?

It has now come to the time when you have to ‘bite the bullet’ & try another style. A lot of manufacturers make similar styles, but maybe it’s time also for a whole new look. As the years go by, our breasts change & we sometimes need to change our style, so this could be a great opportunity to go to your favourite bra stylist & get her opinion on what would work best for you.


Where has your favourite bra or brief gone?

I am trying to compile a list of bras and briefs that have been discontinued and replacements...IF they can be found!

Please note that this is a 'work in progress' list and will update as i have time and information. Unfortunately just like you the customer we are often the last to know that a style has had the AXE! More often then not i will discover a deleted style the next time i try to place an order for it.

Here is my list : Discontinued bras and briefs and their replacements

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