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Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Fitting Guide

Anne Fisher - Thursday, October 31, 2013

Belly Bandit-Fitting Guide


Please Note:

The Bellow Fitting guide has been created by the company "Belly Bandit" and has been directly taken from their website to reduce the risk of incorrect advise.


Body Variations

Due to the variations in size and shape of women's bodies, we realize it may be tricky to size yourself for a Belly Bandit®. Correct sizing is essential for comfort and product effectiveness. Buying a Belly Bandit® that is too large will not wear well under clothing and may affect end results. There is no exact science that fits all women, but don't fret, here are some tips we have found to be helpful...

Purchasing Before the 8th Month

If you are purchasing a Belly Bandit® early on in your pregnancy, your best bet is to go up 1 to 2 band sizes from your pre-pregnancy belly size.

Measuring in the 8th Month

In the eighth month many women will be the same size as they will be post delivery. Simply measure the circumference of your abdomen starting at your belly button. Choose the corresponding band for your size.

Purchasing Just Prior to Delivery

Just prior to delivery simply subtract 10 cm from your belly measurement. Select the corresponding band for that size. If you purchase your Belly Bandit® after you give birth, simply choose the corresponding band for belly size. The Belly Bandit® is designed with five inches of adjustability to stay tight as you shrink.



How do I size myself?

Everybody's body is very different and there is no exact science or guarantee, but we have found the following to be the best way to figure out your Belly Bandit® size. Measure the largest part of your stomach. Please choose the corresponding band for your measurement from the chart to the left.

How about sizing when someone is still pregnant?

We recommend sizing in the middle of your 8th month for most accurate sizing. Measure your belly from the belly button around. Refer to Belly Bandit® size chart for information.

I am 4 months pregnant what size should I get?

We suggest a gift certificate because they include shipping and handling and are redeemable anytime. It is recommended to measure when you are in the middle of your 8th month.

Measuring in-between or borderline on a size?

Everybody's different in size after giving birth especially when you keep in mind swelling, bloating and those fun little surprises! So we can't tell you with exact certainty what size you will be so please don't expect us to know that information! Most customers prepare by purchasing two when this is the case because they often shrink out of the first Belly Bandit® quickly. This may be your best bet. Most people tend to contact us within the first three weeks for their second size.

Using Belly Bandit products after a C-section?

Note when using make sure to place band over your C-section so that it serves as a cover, protection and conpression.

INCORRECT WAY TO WEAR: Do not lay the Belly Bandit so the edge of the product hits or lays flush with the scar from the C-section. It should cover the entire incision. Please discontinue use immediately if your incision is irritated. 



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