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Are Wirefree bras as supportive as Underwire bras

Anne Fisher - Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do you get supported if you don't have an Underwire?


This is one of those often asked questions.....

Will I get support if I don't have an underwire in my bra?.... Well lets look at that question.

Getting support from your bra that does not have an underwire will come down to whether you removed the under wire from a underwire bra or you have a bra that has been specifically designed to be a wirefree bra.

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Wirefree Verses Underwire

It is quite a common occurrence to have a lady enter the store and ask us " I was told I need to buy an underwire bra".  Immediately we will ask the question.... "Do you usually wear an underwire bra?" 

Why would we ask that question?

The customer who will come in and ask this is usually over the age of 50. This is obviously not her first bra or even her second. Buy the time you get to 50 you will have tried many styles and cuts, you will have an idea of what works for you and what you like personally. The fact that the customer has just said "I was told..." means that somebody else has being giving their opinions on what this lady should be wearing and by doing so has made her question what she has always worn in the past. By asking the customer "Do you usually wear an underwire" you can establish if this is something she personally wants to do or simply been told it is what she needs to do.

If she is genuinely interested in wearing or trying an underwire that is great! We are more then happy to fit her for an underwire bra. Trying something new can be very exciting and a lot of fun.

But more often than not, she has been told that she needs to wear an underwire to be given good support. This well meaning opinion giver, who will usually be friend or a family member, has only ever worn a underwire bra and finds it difficult to imagine that they could possible be supported by a wirefree bra as the shape between two different styles is so different!

This is where people get mislead.... Shape is not equal to support!

Shape and Support

The shape that you will get from an underwire bra is very different to a wirefree bra. You tend to be able to get a lot more 'Volume" in a underwire bra. Yes you will find wirefree push-up bras but you will still get more push-up from the underwire version. Secondly and one of the most obvious 'Shape' differences between the two styles, is the separation of the bust.

In wirefree bra design is very hard to get a separation between the breasts, although there have been a few styles that have successfully done this, Playtex have the famous "Cross your Heart" Style P10152, and also available, is a similar style by  "Berlei" Classic Lace" YZRC.

In an underwire bra, it is very easy to get that popular and well known look of breast separation. This is due to the wires in the bra, these wires individualize each breast and create that separation.

Gaining separation does not mean you have gained support!

As mentioned in the "Removing Underwires" blog a wirefree bra is designed around the fact there is no wire to give support. Meaning the support in that bra was not relying on there being an underwire, they have gained the required support through cut (structure) and fabric choices.

The Bottom Line

No! you do not need to wear an underwire bra in order to get good support.

If you have been wearing a wirefree bra for the last 40 years, there is no need for you to start now!





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