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A strapless bra is a bra which can be worn without strapless. It usually comes with detachable straps which can also be worn if you have a ‘sweetheart’ neckline. The cup on a strapless bra, should sit snug against the breast and is straight across, not peaked up where that straps would normally be if attached on a normal bra. Strapless bras usually have a silicone band on the inside of the bra band at the back (maybe top & bottom) which grips onto the skin, preventing the bra from slipping. Unfortunately, a lot of people are allergic to this silicone & break out in huge welts and often, blisters. It is advisable to stop wearing the bra if this happens. A convertible bra also has detachable straps, but does not have the silicone band & is not “straight across” at the top of the cups. Convertible bras cannot be worn strapless as they simply do not have the ability to stay up without the aid of straps. They are ideal if you want to change the colour of the straps, so that this bra can be worn under many different coloured tops which have finer or spaghetti straps.