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This is one area where you literally get what you pay for. At first glance, you would think that there is not much fabric, so it shouldn't cost very much. Well, the truth is the fabric is not the major cost, the labour is. Making a bra is very labour-intensive. Less expensive bras can be made with as few as 10 pieces, whereas the more expensive bras can have over 40 individual pieces. The more expensive bras have special design, detail and workmanship. The fabric, laces and elastic choices can also drive up the price. For example, all lace is not the same. Expensive lace will have more detail and design, as well as dimension. All elastic is not the same; the more expensive elastic has a longer life. More expensive bras really do last longer. The next time you go shopping for lingerie, take a minute and look at the quality of the garment, how the sewing is done, the extra padding in the underwire casing, the quality of the back closure for comfort, the width of the straps. You will find that one more expensive bra (around $50 - $60, I’m talking) will outlast any $20 bra 5 times over, and be far more comfortable too.